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Taken above the vicinity of Kwun Tong on 13 July 2021a
Park Peninsula6
The world-famous Park Peninsula6, a prestigious location co-developed by top developers, is connected with the world, offering the most forward-thinking urban prosperity. Top talent congregates in the heart of the premier Kai Tak development, where just 1% of population have the opportunity to
. Surrounded by approximately 45 hectares of luxuriant flora27, is bound to elevate your life to an unprecedented height. MIAMI Quay is the epitome of Kai Tak's enlightenment, and it ushers in a whole new era of prestigious coastal living1.
Go Beyond West Kowloon
The new core development region on the Victoria Harbour coastline1

Kai Tak with a total planned area of over 320 hectares, making it the most eye-catching and significant development area today. Kai Tak and West Kowloon also enjoy the advantages of the railway network. Kai Tak is destined to exceed the legend of West Kowloon, thanks to its perspective of Victoria Harbour1 and diverse world-class infrastructure and supporting facilities.

The development of Kai Tak promoted the transformation of Kowloon East into Hong Kong's second core business district (CBD2)2 and a pioneering area for the development of "Smart City" in Hong Kong(under proposal)3. Park Peninsula has implemented a wide range of electronic facilities and systems to improve urban living while also enhancing the experience of tourists and foreign visitors, demonstrating the future development potential of Hong Kong.

The "Multi-modal" Environmentally Friendly Linkage System
(under planning)4
Seamlessly connect with Kowloon East Business District
  • Park Peninsula6 and the Kwun Tong promenade will be connected by a travellators network with around 600 metres of pedestrian and cycling flyovers. Kowloon Bay and Kwun Tong will be connected by a 1.3-kilometer elevated walkway.
  • The approximately 13-kilometer long GreenWay network of pedestrian and cyclist corridors offers stunning views of the Victoria Harbour1.
  • Five pick-up and drop-off stations in Kai Tak, Hung Hom, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Central, and West Kowloon once the water taxi route is put into service (proposed)5.
  • The introduction of electric bus and minibus services will lead low-carbon life.
The Unlimited Development Potential19 of Kai Tak Captures All Focus:
About 10 minutes to connect to West Kowloon, and about 15 minutes to reach Central in the future7

Park Peninsula6 is conveniently located between the Kowloon East and Central CBDs. Residents can connect the Kwun Tong Line and the East Rail Line to the Island Line by taking the Tuen Ma Line from Kai Tak Station. Park Peninsula enjoys the advantages of 4 MTR lines8 that connect the "East-West Corridor" and the "North-South Corridor."

  • MIAMI QUAY intends to provide residents with an exclusive shuttle bus service (application in progress)9, which is expected to reach Kai Tak MTR Station in just around 9 minutes7.
  • It only takes 4 stops to reach Hung Hom, 5 stops to Exhibition Centre Station, and around 18 minutes to Admiralty from Kai Tak Station10.
  • Take 3 stops to Tai Wai Station from Kai Tak Station10. Then interchange to East Rail Line to connect the future Northern Metropolis and the Mainland-Hong Kong living circle.
  • The Kowloon Bay Business District is only around 4 minutes away by car7, allowing you to embrace the opportunities right away.
  • Estimated travel time to West Kowloon will be around 10 minutes only and around 15 minutes to Central CBD when the Central Kowloon Route is opened7, 11.
Metro Park (Under Planning)12 X Kai Tak Runway Park

One of the longest seaside promenade in the world13
  • The proposed Metro Park covers an area of 24.3 hectares, equivalent to about 1.3 Victoria Parks, will become the largest park in Hong Kong upon completion.12
  • The first phase of Runway Park has opened, covering an area of 2.82 hectares, including a 270-metre seaside promenade and expansive lawns with aviation design features.
  • The approximately 11-kilometer seaside promenade will become one of the world's longest seaside promenade13.
  • The approximately 13-kilometer cycling and jogging track will connect to Kai Tak Station Square, Kai Tak Sports Park, Kai Tak River, Metro Park, Runway Park and other attractions after opening14.
  • The runway recreation area has five seaside recreation spaces and garden avenues with waterscape trees, cultural displays, and performance venues15.
  • On the other side of the coast, Kwun Tong promenade offers 4.13 hectares of open space, including a 1 kilometre waterfront promenade, a multi-purpose plaza, tower landmarks, a small performance stage, a children's playground, and landscaping.28
Kowloon East CBD22 is home to a slew of global corporations
About 12 times of ICC Business Area16
  • Kai Tak Development District, Kowloon Bay Business District and Kwun Tong Business District will become Hong Kong's new core business district (CBD2)2 with endless development opportunities.
  • The total commercial floor space of Kowloon East is about 43 million square feet, which is comparable to Central's central business district and around 12 times that of Kowloon Station's ICC business district16.
  • It is expected that a number of Fortune 500 multinational corporations will station and expand their businesses here, attracting foreign elites to Hong Kong.
  • The opening of AIRSIDE, a 47-storey landmark Grade A commercial building, provide approximately 1.2 million square feet of Grade A commercial floor space17.
  • The Twins will be completed as SOGO Department Store, boasting a total gross floor area exceeding 1.1 million square feet18.
  • Kai Tak benefits from a prime location with high rental demand and strong appreciation potential19.
International-class Sports Park20 X Water Sports Centre24
Sports ethos showcasing in Kai Tak
Kai Tak Sports Park (Under Construction)20
  • A rare international-class sports park located in the heart of a city20.
  • Three stadiums with a total capacity of 65,000 people cover an area of around 28 hectares.
  • The main stadium can accommodate around 50,000 people, which is approximately 4 times the capacity21 of the Hong Kong Coliseum. Kai Tak Sports Park, which has a retractable roof and a flexible turf system, can host world-class sports and recreational activities throughout the year.
  • The park is equipped with a world-class competition venue with lawn, indoor sports centre, public sports ground, bowling center, sports health center, etc.
  • Spacious public leisure areas, multi-purpose activity rooms, and cycling tracks are all available.
  • To the south of the main stadium, a gourmet bay of roughly 3,000 square metres faces the astonishing Victoria Harbour view25, creating a unique retail and dining experience.
Water Sports Centre (Proposed)24
  • Comprehensive offerings including rowing, dragon boating, canoeing as well as other activities and courses.
  • International water sports events will be staged on the Kai Tak coast, paving the way for Hong Kong's sports development.
2025 onwards
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The Opening of MTR Kai Tak Station Links All Parts of Hong Kong

3 stations to MTR Kowloon Bay Station10


4 Stations to MTR Hung Hom Station

Approximately 10 minutes to MTR Hung Hom Station10

Water Taxi (Proposed)

The Water Taxi will provide 5 main calling points – West Kowloon, Central, East Tsim Sha Tsui, Hung Hom and Kai Tak5

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East Rail Line Cross-Harbour Extension

Approximately 18 minutes to MTR Admiralty Station10

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Opening of AIRSIDE – The Landmark Commercial Building

Provide approximately 1.2 million square feet of Grade A office space17


The Twins (Expected to be SOGO Department Store and a Retail Complex Upon Completion)18

The total gross floor area will reach 1.1 million square feet, with retail floor area accounting for 90% of the gross floor area

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2025 onwards

Approximately 1,500-meter-long Underground Shopping Street22

Hong Kong's first and longest underground shopping street with a length of around 1,500 meters, spreading over various commercial and retail projects.

The Completion of Central Kowloon Route11

• About 10 minutes to West Kowloon7
• About 15 minutes to Central7

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